Genre :
Number of Episodes :
TV Movie (2 x 100 min.) or Mini-series (6 x 45 min. or 3 x 90 min.)
Version(s) :
Original English, original French (double shoot)
Synopsis :
The Last Chapter follows the story of Bob Durelle, a criminal biker, as he ruthlessly expands his drug empire by establishing a new outlaw biker chapter in Ontario. The series explores the psychology of men who have chosen crime as a way of life and looks at the disquieting relationship between gang leaders and their families while exposing betrayal and broken friendships. It is a portrait of a complex sub-culture, with characters who are intriguing in their ambiguity and complexity.
Cast :
Michael Ironside, Roy Dupuis, Michel Forget, Frank Schorpion, Dan Bigras, Marina Orsini, Maxim Roy
Awards :
- 17th Gemini Awards: 6 nominations for the English original version

The Chris Awards: Honorable mention and Certificate of Recognition
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