Genre :
Number of Episodes :
Mini-series (6 x 45 min. or 3 x 90 min.)
Version(s) :
Original English, original French (double shoot)
Synopsis :
Bob Durelle (Michael Ironside), president of the Toronto chapter of the Triple Sixers, one of the largest outlaw biker gangs in the world, is at the height of his power and influence. He has no meaningful opposition either within his organization or outside of it, and the police have been unable to touch him. But Bob's world begins to crumble when the International President of the Sixers is assassinated in his presence. This is the first in a series of events which spiral out of control and threaten to overwhelm Bob: Bob's wife Karen (Marina Orsini) wants to escape with the children from the constant threat of violence and works with the police to take down Bob, Roots Racine (Dan Bigras) offers the false hand of friendship while conspiring to undermine Bob at every step, Bob's former friend Ross Desbiens (Roy Dupuis) comes out of hiding and attacks the Sixers' dominance by opening a rival motorcycle club. Bob reels from one crisis to another, and the true danger of his lifestyle strikes home when his son Jonathan (Morgan Freeman) is killed in an assassination attempt on Bob.
Cast :
Michael Ironside, Roy Dupuis, George Buza, Dan Bigras, Michel Forget, Marina Orsini,
Andreas Apergis
Awards :
- Certificate of Excellence-Media of Print, 52nd Columbus International Film
  and Video Festival, aka. The Chris Awards.

- Honourable Mention: 52nd Columbus International Film and Video Festival,
  aka. The Chris Awards

Gemini Awards 2003: 4 nominations and award for Best Performance by an
  Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for Marina Orsini