Genre :
Drama Shorts
Number of Episodes :
3 x 30 min.
Version(s) :
English, French (dubbed)
Synopsis :

Award-winning Drama, based on world-renown literary works by Guy de Maupassant, Virginia Woolf and Issak Babel.

THE EDGE is drama that explores the inner consciousness of women and men facing extremes, living on the emotional “edge”, as they shift between reality and non-reality in their personal quest of consciousness.

THE EDGE is unique and daring niche programming that will showcase fine acting talent with exhilarating original filmmaking. Directors include Academy Award winning Cynthia Scott (Company of Strangers) Johanne Prégent (Les Orphelins de Duplessis) and Micheline Lanctôt (La Vie d’un Héros).

Episode 1: The Mark on the Wall (Based on the classic short story by Virginia Woolf.)

Directed by: Johanne Prégent
Starring: Domini Blythe
An exploration of the inside of a depressive's mind.  A woman tries desperately, with wit and humor, to keep her thoughts on an even keel, clinging to mundane notions like they were flotsam that might save her from drowning. But try as she might her obsession with her own death, the voluptuousness of her own imagined death, overwhelms her again and again. The surprising undertow of the piece is that her imagined death seems like a victory for life in the face of the banality of her day-to-day existence.

 Episode 2: A Lover’s Lament (Based on the classic short story ‘’La Morte’’ by Guy de Maupassant.)

Directed by: Cynthia Scott
Starring: Brent Carver, Pascale Bussières
A man, in the prime of life, grieves the death of his mistress. He mourns her to such an extent that the grieving itself becomes wanton. The grieving becomes a thing in itself, the mistress almost forgotten. When he can no longer bear the insular claustrophobia of his pain he goes to the graveyard in which she lay buried where he witnesses a dark figure, a sort of 'angel of truth' rewrite the epitaphs on the headstones... erasing the sanctimonious lies and replacing the lies with truth. He discovers that his mistress deceived him. She was not the woman she seemed. And he experiences an epiphany of sorts wherein he imagines that he never loved her; he never knew her so how could he love her? Alas, he is wracked with coughing flushed with fever, just as his mistress was. And we know he will die nonetheless.

Episode 3: The Sin of Jesus (Based on the classic short story by Issak Babel.)

Directed by: Micheline Lanctôt
Starring: Marie-Chantal Perron
A young Polish woman, Arina, slatternly, hugely pregnant, works as a maid in a country Inn. Her lover has been drafted into the army and she, seeing things as they really are, with a clear level gaze, knows that she will become the property of anybody passing through who fancies her. She is wise with her flat cynicism. She doesn't like it but she's accepting. Such is life. She has one weakness: Jesus. She talks to Jesus, in the form of a lurid primitive statue, like he was a mother to her - full of the unconditional love we all long for. To her surprise (and ours!) Jesus finds a solution for her sorry dilemma: he offers her a beautiful angel called Alfred to be her companion and solace while her lover is gone. But this angel has a proclivity for earthly delights and Arina, all too human, is overcome with her own desire for Alfred. It ends badly. Arina kills Alfred inadvertently in her sleep. And Jesus is enraged. So much for unconditional love... Arina, being had by everyone passing though the Inn just as she knew she would be, is wiser than ever: Jesus comes begging forgiveness from her and she smashes him to smithereens with an axe.

Awards :

32nd Annual Remi Awards, Houston Worldfest  (Houston, U.S.A, 1998) :
Silver Remi Award – episode: The Mark on The Wall
  • Bronze Remi Award – episode: A Lover's Lament
Finalist Remi Award – episode: The Sin of Jesus