Genre :
Tween sitcom
Number of Episodes :
52 x 30 min.
Version(s) :
English, French (Dubbed)
Synopsis :
Bulky’s is a fictional burger chain which, like most fast-food joints, is run almost exclusively by high school students. The staff are far too concerned with friends, dating, body image, school, the in-crowd, fashion, sports, make-up, cars – the important issues of teen life, to bother much with flipping burgers. The exception is Ben, the assistant manager, who takes his job seriously - too seriously. Ben actually expects his co-workers to serve the customers! And that can be so hard to do, cause for the staff at Bulky’s, life is too short to bother greeting customers with a (forced) smile and a (falsely) cheery, “Will there be Fries with That?”
Cast :
Anne-Marie Baron, Jeanne Bowser, Stefanie Buxton, Giancarlo Caltabiano, Morgan Kelly
Awards :
- Certificate of Recognition/Media of Print, 52nd Columbus International Film
  and Video Festival, aka. The Chris Awards

- Silver Remi Award in the TV Series/Family/Children category at the 2004
  37th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival.

- 20th Gemini Awards (2005)
  Nomination: Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series