Genre :
Tween Sitcom
Number of Episodes :
78 x 30 min.
Version(s) :
Original English based on original French production RADIO ENFER
Synopsis :
Radio Active provides a hilarious insight into the lives of a group of High School students who join up for their school’s innovative Radio Active communications program, and begin producing regular radio programs for the school.  
Thrown together with no regard for their compatibility, the television series revolves around the mishaps and adventures of this eclectic team of students as they struggle with their dinosaur of a class teacher, their absent-minded vice principal and, of course, with each other in their efforts to get that elusive team passing grade.
In Radio Active, the themes, approach and witty humor are all intended to entertain and appeal to the particular tastes of adolescents in their middle school years.  It builds upon events they are familiar with – school and friends, personal and social pressures – twisting them into comic adventures especially tailored for them