Genre :
Number of Episodes :
Mini-series (6 x 45 min. or 3 x 90 min.)
Version(s) :
Original French and Original English (double shoot)
Synopsis :
René Lévesque, played by award winning actor Emmanuel Bilodeau, was the most important Canadian politician in the last half of the twentieth century. He was a man who became a movement; the leader of Quebec independence. The mini-series explores the life and times of René Lévesque from his entry into politics until his decision to found a political party dedicated to taking Quebec out of Canada. His political success was accompanied by turmoil in his personal life. His marriage collapses. (Lévesque’s wife is played by award winning actress Pascale Bussières.)  Throughout, René Lévesque is committed to democracy and reason; but to his dismay, bombings, kidnappings and the murder of a friend blemish the rise of Quebec nationalism. For Lévesque, it is also the death of innocence, his and that of his people.
Cast :
Emmanuel Bilodeau, Pascale Bussières, Dan Bigras, Gilles Renaud, Lucie Laurier
Awards :
Finalist Certificate
Best Writing in category: TV Movie/Mini-Series category
New York Festivals 2006 (USA)