Ciné Télé Action is a Montreal based film and television production company, which has produced theatrical films, television movies, mini-series, sit-coms and programs for tweens, teens, family, adults. Some of our productions are: The Boys of St. Vincent, Margaret’s Museum, Big Bear, Les Orphelins de Duplessis, L’île de sable, Kayla, Radio Active (and its French language counterpart Radio Enfer), The Last Chapter, Il Duce, René Lévesque. Whether intended for general audiences or mature audiences only, Ciné Télé Action’s programs have always been high quality productions which challenge as well as entertain.

Ciné Télé Action is one of the few television or film companies in Canada to produce programs in English or French original language versions. We have a natural and practical understanding of cultural diversity which is a positive force when dealing with the global market place. We think globally, yet believe we can best serve the global market by creating programs which first speak honestly to our own audience.

Ciné Télé Action International is a television and DVD distribution company now in its 9th year of operation, specializing in the distribution (export/import) of award-winning television drama, films, youth sitcoms and documentaries.

Claudio Luca • Founder, Producer, President

Claudio founded Ciné Télé Action Inc. in 1987, after he had already acquired more than 20 years of experience in television and film. As an independent producer, he has always dedicated himself to projects which were often controversial : The Boys of Saint-Vincent for instance focused on sexual abuses within the Church. In 2005, he produced Indian Summer : The Oka Crisis which is the only TV series to deal with this major event in the passed history. But his real passion is to give authors and directors enough space to create a genuine product. He always does his best to build the proper frame for his productions : technicians, artists, artisans, locations and last but not least a good craft and caterer !!!

He began his career in the late 1960s as assistant film editor and, later, film editor with Radio-Canada. During this time, he also worked as assistant cameraman and collaborated with such filmmakers as Paul Almond, Denis Héroux and Larry Kent. In the 1970s, he became a sought-after cinematographer and cameraman and worked on several film projects, including a documentary by Italian filmmaker Marco Ferreri. Starting in 1975, he became associated with three of Radio-Canada’s leading shows, Le 60, Télémag and Les Beaux Dimanches, filming in more than 30 countries, in every part of the world and against every kind of political and cultural backdrop.

Since the 1980s, Luca has focused his energy on production, first with a series of variety, sports and news shows for Super Écran, then with the documentary Les Risques du métier, written and presented by Fernand Seguin. Since 1987, through Ciné Télé Action, Luca has produced some 200 hours of documentaries, TV series (including Radio Enfer, Radio Active, Avoir su…, Fries with That?), miniseries (including Big Bear, The Edge, Les Orphelins de Duplessis, The Boys of St. Vincent, The Last Chapter, The Last Chapter II: The War Continues, Il Duce Canadese and René Lévesque) and feature films (including Margaret’s Museum, Le Sphinx, L’île de sable, Michel Brault’s Quand je serais parti… vous vivrez encore and Une histoire inventée). Several of these productions have been showcased at major festivals and international events.

Emanuelle Pré-DaigleProducer
Emanuelle joined the Ciné Télé Action team in 1997 during the post-production of the Duplessis’Orphans series as Producer’s Assistant. Before that she has collected many years of experience in several different positions from pre to post-production duties. For over ten years she has taken part in all Ciné Télé Action projects.

As Producer, she likes to solve problems quickly and mainly she likes preparatory work when everything falls into place for the first day’s shooting. On set she is the one to sort out unexpected problems and badly tolerates details which she has missed.


Alessandro Luca Associate Producer
From driver to assistant director, Alessandro tackled with equal passion all aspects of production. He is also a talented creative idea maker who sketches subjects which are later developed by scriptwriters and brought to the screen. He is well known for his ability to make everything work on a set.

He is an unrivalled collaborator for directors because he understands and knows how to solve the slightest problem on the set. He has begun to develop his own style and it is not by chance that productions frequently call upon him.


Nicky Luca • Line Producer
In 1994 Nicky Luca started off as a camera trainee for the feature Magaret’s Museum. Later on he did all the production jobs : from runner to assistant director finally to become the production manager for the Il Duce Canadese series.

For him the key collaborators in shooting a film are the first assistant director and the unit manager : if these two posts are filled to his satisfaction, he considers things are in place from the logistic point of view and everything else is the director’s and actors’ business. His knowledge of all the ins and outs of a production ensures that he is at ease with all the technicians and he even likes to play tricks on the set. However his lively temper doesn’t hinder his concern for good order and a work well done. Above all, he likes to foster team spirit and to master useful technical tools.