Genre :
Feature Film
Number of Episodes :
Version(s) :
Synopsis :
Gaston, a trumpeter on the downslide, comes back from Cleveland. Florence, who loves him in vain, is ecstatic about his return to Montreal, but Gaston is still indifferent to her charms. What’s worse, he falls for Soledad, Florence’s actress-daughter, and tries to console her: Soledad has just caught her lover, Tibo, being unfaithful to her. But progress is slow, so one evening Gaston’s friends handcuff him to Soledad just before she goes on stage. The audience is delighted, but Florence is heartbroken, as is Tibo, who is playing opposite Soledad and still loves her. The climax is tragic, but Florence and Soledad become friends again as they stand in front of the graves of the two men and roar with laughter.
Cast :


Jean Lapointe, Louise Marleau, Charlotte Laurier, Marc Messier, Jean Francois Pichette, France Castel, Tony Nardi, Marc Gelinas, Warren Williams, Donald Pilon

Awards :
Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes (Cannes, France, 1991)
• Official Competition at the Cannes Festival

1991 Genie Awards (Toronto, Canada)
• Nomination Best Motion Picture Claudio Luca, Robin Spry, Producers
• Nomination Best Achievement in Direction André Forcier
• Nomination Best Original Screenplay Jacques Marcotte, André Forcier

Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal (Montréal, Canada, 1990)
Award for the Most Popular Film
• Award for the Best Canadian Film

Sudbury Cinefest (Ontario, Canada, 1990)

• Award for the Best Canadian Film

The 38 th Sidney Film Festival (Sidney, Australia, June 1991)

• Was selected for a screening