Ciné Télé Action is a Montreal based film and television production company, which has produced theatrical films, television movies, mini-series, sit-coms and programs for tweens, teens, family, adults. Some of our productions are: The Boys of St. Vincent, Margaret’s Museum, Big Bear, Les Orphelins de Duplessis, L’île de sable, Kayla, Radio Active (and its French language counterpart Radio Enfer), The Last Chapter, Il Duce, René Lévesque. Whether intended for general audiences or mature audiences only, Ciné Télé Action’s programs have always been high quality productions which challenge as well as entertain.
  Ciné Télé Action is one of the few television or film companies in Canada to produce programs in English or French original language versions. We have a natural and practical understanding of cultural diversity which is a positive force when dealing with the global market place. We think globally, yet believe we can best serve the global market by creating programs which first speak honestly to our own audience.
  Ciné Télé Action is headed by award winning Producer Claudio Luca, whose television and cinema career spans over 30 years (more...).
  Ciné Télé Action also caters to Foreign Producers who are looking to film in the Montreal and Quebec City area (more...)