Cinι Tιlι Action's Production Services include the following support:
  For detailed information please contact:
Emanuelle Prι-Daigle, Producer    or   Nicky Luca, Line Production
  General Services:
    • Preparing production budgets and schedules
• Estimating and advising on tax incentives & international incentives
• Preparing preliminary location packages
  Turn key services for Corporate, Business and Legal:
    • Overseeing incorporation of the Production Company
• Negotiating bank financing and completion guarantees
• Negotiating and contracting above-the-line personnel and cast
• Confirming errors and omissions insurance
• Negotiating location and product placement agreements
• Consulting on tax credit and non-resident tax issues
• Preparing Initial banking agreements and accounts
• Setting up of all fiscal corporate accounts including GST
• Filing of corporate tax returns, film agency applications, etc.
    • Engaging studio and laboratory facilities and services
• Hiring personnel, equipment and supplies
• Negotiating Canadian guild and union agreements
• Negotiating supplier agreements
• Overseeing and managing grievances and arbitrations
• Consulting with the Producer or Production Manager on labour issues
• Consulting on all production related problems